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ULT Freezer

1.Ultra low temperature freezer

The special freezer with temperature of -86 DEG C is currently referred to as the ultra low temperature freezer,
Now it has been widely used in biomedicine, disease control, blood bank, teaching and scientific research fields.
HELI ULT FREEZER temperature range covering (-15~-40 DEG C, -25~-60 DEG C, -40~-86 DEG C, of -80~-135 DEG C),
Mainly involved in biological medicine, scientific research, laboratory instruments, such as tuna and pelagic fishery ice cream and frozen storage.


2.What are the advantages of Heli ultra low temperature freezer?

Heli Ultra low temperature freezer technology advantage:
1.The technology of single compressor cascade:
1.Auto cascade single, use a compressor to meet customer requirements of temperature;
2.The system is simple, the maximum extent to avoid the system failure, low noise, energy saving;

2.Control system:
1.Microcomputer digital control, digital display temperature, adjusting unit is 0.1 DEG c.;
2.Inbox adjustable temperature: -15~-40 degrees, -25~-60 degrees, -40~-86 degrees, -80~-135 degrees;
3.Can set the on-off temperature difference;
4.High and low temperature alarm function, the alarm temperature value can be set as required.

3.The other advantage:
1.Ultra-thick foam layer, double seal design of the door body, the effective protection of the temperature in the cabinet;
2.Evaporator design reasonable, ensure the effective flow refrigeration dose, the inside temperature uniformity;
3.Fluorine free environmentally friendly refrigerant mixture of unique, 100% non cfc;
4.Single compressor performance independently, fewer components, lower failure rate, lower energy consumption;
5.Using the German EBM mute fan performance, low noise, stable and lasting.

3.The time of delivery

Fast delivery (usually 10~15 days , the special requirements please contact online service staff or write email to us, we will check from product engineer);