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Biochemical room medical refrigerator maintenance procedures(Hits:) 
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one. Objective: To ensure the normal operation of the system, to ensure that the sample reagents and other normal storage conditions to ensure the correctness of the experimental results.
two. Scope: Applicable to the specimen or reagent storage of the refrigerator, after the maintenance and maintenance of the system of inspection personnel and factory engineers.
three. Responsibilities: daily maintenance, daily and necessary maintenance
four. Support documents: "Medical low temperature storage box manual"
Fives. Work program:
1. Clean once a day.
2. With a dry cloth to the outside of the incubator and the internal and accessories on a small amount of stolen goods wipe. If you save the deep part of the box is very dirty, the application of neutral washing liquid cleaning, and then rinse with pure water.
3. Never pour water on the storage box and inside, this will damage the electrical system insulation, resulting in failure.
4. Compressors and other mechanical devices are not completely closed system changes, if necessary, please manufacturers maintenance. Do not use lubricant for storage tanks.
six. Maintenance procedures
1. Refrigerator is strictly prohibited to store flammable, explosive, easy to pollution, and easy to corrosion
Items and reagents.
2. The refrigerator is forbidden to store personal belongings.
3. Daily observation of the refrigerator temperature twice, to get off work every time, and for
4. Out of record.
5. Monthly check the storage reagent is valid.
6. Every six months in addition to deicing, defrosting once.
7. Medical refrigerator abnormal, timely maintenance.
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