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Zhejiang Heli medical refrigerator of the blood bank refrigerator(Hits:) 
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     Zhejiang Heli focus on the development of medical refrigerator, developed a medical and health system of blood refrigerated containers. Blood refrigerator is the blood center, the central blood bank and the medical unit blood bank essential storage facilities. Its normal work is to ensure that the blood and its product quality an important prerequisite for the safety of clinical blood to provide the necessary protection. The storage of blood on the refrigerator, the national health sector has strict requirements, the temperature should be 4 ± 1 ℃, the temperature constant is very critical and important. At the same time also requires a temperature display, over-temperature alarm, power alarm, automatic temperature recording and other functions.

    Zhejiang heli blood refrigerated containers have the following advantages:

First, the use of independent four high-precision sensor control, display, alarm, to ensure that the sensor does not affect the normal use of failure;

Second, microcomputer control, digital temperature display accuracy of 0.1 ℃, the box temperature control in the range of 4 ± 1 ℃;

Third, the electronic print temperature recorder to track the whole monitoring temperature changes, easy to trace the problem, but also optional wheel disc temperature recorder;

Four, with high and low temperature alarm, power alarm, open the door alarm, sensor failure alarm, backup battery failure alarm five fault alarm function, clear and easy to understand the alarm code;

Five, with sound buzzer alarm, light flashing alarm, remote alarm three kinds of alarm, alarm sound clear and easy to distinguish;

Six, fail safe operation procedures to ensure that the occurrence of electrical control failure can be a long time does not affect the preservation of blood (recommended failure as soon as possible warranty, the blood placed in the normal blood freezer);

Seven, imports of brand-name compressors, imports of fluorine-free high-performance refrigerant;

Eight, the use of Germany EBM mute efficient evaporative fan, condensing fan, superior performance;

Nine, adjustable shelves, the user from the heart, you can choose all kinds of storage baskets or customized according to user needs;

Ten, built-in battery, power alarm 48 hours; with casters and handle design, easy to open the door and transport transport; built-in energy-saving lamps, lamp quality and durable, easy to operate for the lamp does not affect the normal use;

Eleven, anti-condensation foam glass door design, with lock structure, safe and reliable, in high temperature and humidity environment, glass doors do not condensation.
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