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Medical refrigerator to save practical bacteria have advantages(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2017-03-25
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      In the research and production, the separation of a useful edible fungus strains, always find ways to be preserved, so as not to occur as a variation, to maintain the original traits, a longer time to survive. Whether the strain can play its function in the long term, the key is to maintain their morphological characteristics, physiological characteristics, physiological characteristics, genetic stability. Conventional methods for the preservation of edible fungi are mineral oil, and the conditional units are treated with ultra-low temperature nitrogen storage. The room is made of cryopreservation, liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature preservation and low temperature refrigerator storage. Edible fungi were tested in order to obtain a simple, practical and long-term preservation of edible fungus strains of the method.

  Through the experiment to draw conclusions

1, frozen vacuum preservation is widely used to preserve prokaryotes, yeast, etc., save a few decades still have a high survival rate, and then highly organized cells such as Basidiomycetes, the survival rate is very low, with the preservation time The extension will be further reduced, the experiment has proved this point. Because Basidiomycetes ejected chlamydospores at the later stage of the growth of fruiting bodies, most of Basidiomycetes grow mycelium without slender spores during slant cultivation. Therefore, the spores collected from Basidi growth stage can be frozen and vacuum dried , The mycelial growth stage is not suitable for this preservation method.

  2, liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature can be done bacteria, actinomycetes, yeast, filamentous fungi, Basidiomycetes and other microbial groups of long-term preservation, a lot of successful experience has proved that liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature preservation can be stored for a long time different emblem, State, the biological metabolism is paused, may be long or short to keep the original biological identity. Experiments using slow freezing preservation and rapid heating recovery method, so as not to hurt the cells.

  3, super-temperature medical refrigerator frozen storage, preservation of 2-year strain resuscitation test results: 20% glycerol as a protective agent of the strain, the survival rate of 40% -61%, with 5% dimethyl sulfoxide as a protective agent The strains were not viable, the use of 40% sucrose as a protective agent for 6 years survival rate of 100%, so you can use glycerol to preserve the edible fungus entity ejection spores, the slender no longer spores hyphae using sucrose as a protective agent , At -30 degrees Celsius and -80 degrees Celsius to save, this method is simple and economical savings of liquid nitrogen storage equipment and liquid nitrogen expenditure, after all, a practical long-term preservation of practical strains of bacteria, both suitable for researchers to use, But also for small edible fungus production plant use.

  4, the bacteria age will affect the viability of the strain, the general logarithmic period, the early stage of the cell survival rate is higher than the logarithmic and aging cells, so the preservation of bacteria, pay attention to the use of appropriate bacteria to save.