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Medical refrigerator adhere to independent research and development, technological innovation(Hits:) 
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       Medical refrigerator without technological innovation, the product is no market competitive advantage, will be out of the market. The medical refrigeration equipment, belonging to the specialized units or experts. For many special equipment technical requirements on the refrigerator. Such as the cooling rate of medical refrigerator, accurate alarm, noise control and so on, hospital etc. professional institutions have very high demands. 

Zhejiang Heli refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, has a number of patents and technology in the core technology, and the application of the patented technology in refrigeration equipment developed by our company, to provide users with more products to meet the market demand has been for many. Medical institutions and research institutes to provide a reliable product. In the market of some enterprises were not in this industry, because I felt so lucrative, also began to produce medical refrigerator. But because they There is no accumulation of technology, the technology of "insurmountable barriers", are often the simple household refrigerator into medical refrigerator, caused by the high cost of the products, and there is no guarantee of quality, they will be in a passive position in the competition. 

Zhejiang Heli refrigeration equipment Co. Ltd. adhere to independent research and development, technology innovation, and absorb domestic and international advanced enterprises the technology and management mechanism, to provide high quality medical refrigeration equipment for users.

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